Database Design: The Semantic Modeling Approach.

Use of this book as a glossary and a reference handbook

The reader who wants to obtain the definition of a database term can look it up in the index, which provides a pointer to the page on which the term is defined. On that page the user will find the term set in bold face (for easy locating), normally followed by an example. When a term has different uses or aspects in several database models, the index contains several references marked according to their use.


The reader is expected to be familiar with the fundamentals of the art of programming. Knowledge of structured programming is desirable, preferably in Pascal or a similar language. No knowledge of file organization or data structures is required, except for the optional Chapter 9.

Structure of the book

The book is composed primarily of explanations of concepts and examples. The examples are offset and boxed so that the experienced reader or browser can easily skip them. The examples constitute a continuous case study of an application, for which databases are designed in different models, application programs are written in different languages, etc.

Most sections are followed by problems. Many of the problems are solved in the last chapter of this book. Page-number pointers direct the reader from the problems to their solutions. If after reading a chapter the reader fails to solve a problem marked ``Advanced'' or ``Optional,'' it does not mean a lack of understanding of the chapter but probably means that the reader has a lack of mathematical knowledge or experience, which is not prerequisite to the reading of this book.

The sections marked with an asterisk (*) contain optional advanced material and may be skipped. Optional advanced material within the regular sections is given in the footnotes.

N. Rishe. Database Design: The Semantic Modeling Approach. McGraw-Hill, 1992, 528 pp, ISBN 0-07-052955-8. This server provides the book's chapters, except problems, solutions, and indices. The chapters are available in postscript and a non-graphic ASCII version. Transparency masters in postscript are also available.

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